1. Euphrates

From the recording Music From The Motion Picture


The mocking bird outside my door
He hardly comes here anymore
I'm wondering if he'll ever try to come around again
It's been a long and lonely wintertime
Living off of petty crime
It takes a notion to concede and just a costume to pretend
I've been sleeping underneath the stars
I spend my time in city bars
So buy a drink for me, I'll buy a drink for you

It's been a life of waiting rooms
Wedding cakes, brides and grooms
Paul Revere and Minutemen, I went just for the ride
Shine a light in my right eye
There's no better time to die
I left that up to you, you get the pleasure to decide
And it's best to know that love is blind
The rest is only in your mind
So buy a rose for me, I gave a rose to you

Now I'm asleep inside the infirmary
Save your last bag of tea for me
Cuz when I've had my fill, I'm gonna get on up and leave
It takes a horse to make a home
In a world like a hippodrome
But I've lost so many saddles, I can't remember or believe
There's just a crescent moon to light the way
The morning's just a night away
So say a prayer for me, I say all my prayers for you

When it's time to open heaven's gate
I'll send a letter to the magistrate
Tell him how you agreed to take me in on a time or two
Now the darkness casts a clever spell
From the bottom of a wishing well
And I climbed its moldy walls to spend an evening here with you
You were born on the Euphrates, just like me
In a basket made from rotten weeds
So save a seat for me, I gave my seat to you