Good question. And it is and it isn't.  

We're making the digital version of the album free because these songs deserve a better life than they have been given so far. The manner in which they came into this world isn't their fault, they still deserve to be listened to and heard! 

But it also isn't free. We're asking you to please share your email address to download your copy. 

When you do, you'll receive a link to subscribe to our email list. After that, a high quality 24bit .wav file will download in seconds. This is the same exact file that we got from Sterling Sound, one of the best mastering houses in the world and you can play it just like any other file on your phone or your computer or whatever.  

Uncompressed, undiluted. Pure. 

In return, we'll include you in updates on what the band is doing and where we're playing. We'll send you links to brand new songs that Adoniram is writing and recording at his home studio (one per week... seriously,  the streak has been going unbroken for two months now, don't jinx it) and you'll be the first to know when the vinyl version of Music From The Motion Picture is available for purchase if you're into that kind of thing. 

We're grateful for your attention in a world that's begging for it constantly. The very best way you can support the band is to listen to the music and enjoy it. 

So... enjoy it!