From the recording Music From The Motion Picture


Won't you please be my sweetheart
I wanna see you tonight
See you dancing by the bandstand with your sequins bright
I wasn't born in Kentucky
Wasn't born in Baton Rouge
But maybe I was born to love you, if you'd like me to
I remember when you walked straight through that door
You sealed the wounds that were bleeding me, threw the knife on the floor
Now every flower's a lily
And every rose knows your name
And it feels like I'm finally winning at a losing game

I followed you to the water
Made you sculptures from sand
And we sang every love song we knew together with a ragtime band
I couldn't forget you this morning
And I don't think that I ever will
Yesterday time was passing me by, today it's standing still
I remember when your tears could wash my feet
I could never ever close the door on you, you're holding the key
The whole world is changing
It's never gonna be the same
And it feels like I'm finally winning at a losing game

When you whispered to me that you'd always be mine
You wrote the secrets of your soul on my arm, just like a valentine
When I whispered to you that I'd always be true
All the things that you do for me, someday I'm gonna do 'em for you

So please stay my sweetheart
Stay where I can see
Cuz I could never find another love so kind, another angel for me
Another sweet bourbon baby
Another protector for my soul
And I'm so glad I'll never be alone again on a midnight road
Sing that song for me, I believe that it's true
Sing it soft and close so the sound of my heart can beat the time out for you
Love is a matter of waiting
But somehow my turn never came
Now it feels like I'm finally winning at a losing game