From the recording Music From The Motion Picture


The bar let out and the caravan went away
The bench was broken but I sat down anyway
The wine was covered in wax
The record player shining black
Somebody playing a song about sittin' on the dock of the bay
You were standing in a corner with a bottle in your hand
And the nighttime is a whirlpool in your eyes
You told you were reading about buildings in the sky
And I said you and I are never gonna die

In the cemetery where the bones are buried away
I found a book for you but I didn't have the nerve to say
The parade was getting loud
And not a word was coming out
And the branches casting shadows all across your face
And for a moment in the moonlight I knew I saw you smile
And every evening is a dream told through your eyes
You told me you were looking for a quiet place to lie
And I said you and are never gonna die

Through the open window the sounds of the voices fade
The ceiling fan and the music that the clicking made
I tried to close my eyes
It was then that I realized
The world is a saber and we're standing on its open blade
And then I found you in the doorway and I held you in my arms
And every angel is a devil in your eyes
You told me that you wanted me to never say goodbye
And I said you and are never gonna die