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What is slowtrain?

Slowtrain has taken many forms over the years. The longtime project of Austin musician Adoniram Lipton, the band has been subject to the many twists and turns of its founder's fortunes.

After being put on ice thanks to a particularly unfortunate turn of events, Slowtrain is now preparing to release its third album, Music From The Motion Picture, in the fall of 2022.

But why wait for the vinyl pressing that may never happen?

The album is available right now as a free premium quality download. Click HERE to learn why we're doing this but the short answer is that these songs deserve a better life. A life lived with somebody listening to them.

Recorded at Good Danny's with Austin producer Danny Reisch (Heartless Bastards, White Denim, David Ramirez) and mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound (Bob Dylan, Lady Gaga, The War On Drugs), the long awaited album features a wide selection of ideas and soundscapes. 

The music moves easily from sparse and moody to stomping finger pointing. Abstract symbolism stands beside melancholy love songs  which give way to sneering sarcasm. And the unifier is Adoniram's singular lyrical voice and his band's crackling energy.

It all just works.

[Recommended tracks? Listen in order but if you MUST skip around, start with '4', then do '2' and '3'. But seriously... this is an album in the truest sense it is best enjoyed in the order in which it is presented.]